Replacement Windows & Insulation – Which Do You Need First?

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills than usual, it’s likely due to unregulated temperatures indoors. Property owners are often faced with the decision to replace their windows or insulation to improve their energy efficiency back to ideal levels, but it can be a tough decision if you don’t have the details. Rather than spending hours of time on research just to settle on a choice that you’re not so confident about, learn why you need better insulation first and foremost according to the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando!

What You Don’t Know About Replacing Windows

Most people would be tempted to replace their windows first for the purpose of decreasing their energy output while enhancing aesthetics at the same time. Although there’s no denying that replacing your windows can make your property appear nicer and boost curb appeal, it may not be as functional as you think. New windows won’t do anything about the temperature-retaining qualities of your walls or the holes, gaps, or cracks throughout the building. It’s also plain as day that new windows can cost much more than new insulation which can be frustrating to learn when you don’t notice any significant changes in your energy charges.

The Reason Insulation Should Be Prioritized

For a noticeable improvement in energy efficiency, getting new insulation will bring you the best results compared to new windows. By getting new insulation first, you can start receiving a return on your investment sooner rather than later with the money you’ll be saving on lower electric bills. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to start capitalizing on the savings.

With top-quality insulation like spray foam, you will achieve optimal results since this incredible component is capable of expanding for reliable coverage throughout your walls, attic, crawl spaces, and anywhere else you can apply it. Spray foam is also much easier to install, so the process is much less involved compared to replacing complex and delicate windows. Considering that most homes in America are under-insulated, it’s easy to see how replacing your insulation can place your property above average with all of its advantages.

Added Benefits To Replacing Home Insulation

Spray foam doesn’t just insulate your property (although that’s the main reason), it also benefits homes and commercial spaces in many other useful ways. It can improve air quality, dampen outside noise, eliminate drafts, and reduce the likelihood of indoor pests. Many of these problems are caused by bad insulation, but spray foam can easily remedy them.

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