What Are The Most Common Issues Caused By Bad Insulation?

Have you ever wondered why you’re seeing unwanted changes around the house no matter how much upkeep you do to keep things nice and tidy? The answers to your problems may lie where you don’t normally check. That would be your insulation, which can induce all sorts of issues if it’s in poor condition. But what problems could you be facing? Allow Foam Bear Tampa to let you in on the most common issues that are caused by bad insulation.

Wet or Damp Windows and Walls

When your insulation doesn’t work like it’s supposed to, condensation buildup can happen throughout the entire building. You might not notice it immediately, but water can form on glass windows and walls where the insulation is compromised. When this moisture makes contact with the wooden surfaces, it can wear down the structural integrity and become a severe safety hazard. For the best solution, spray foam can help reduce condensation in your home.

Excessive Sneezing and Itching From Agitated Allergies

Nothing is worse than rushing inside to protect yourself from allergens only to continue sneezing and itching anyway. Most people would be confused as to why they’re still experiencing symptoms even after seeking refuge indoors, and the reason could be poor insulation. If the insulation is old and worn enough to expose gaps to the outside, any pollen and other allergens carried through the air can get swept through these cracks and take up space in the indoor environment.

Bugs and Critters Where You Least Expect Them

In the same way that pollen and allergens can slip through the cracks in bad insulation, small living creatures can do the same. Regardless of how well you clean your space, an unwelcome guest could surprise you when you open your cabinets or pantry. Such critters include mice, cockroaches, ants, and so on.

Higher Than Usual Energy Charges

If you’ve ever noticed a random spike in your energy costs, that could also be a sign of bad insulation. When air can easily escape in and out of the building, it becomes difficult (and sometimes impossible) to properly regulate a steady indoor temperature. HVAC units account for a majority of energy usage, and so it takes up a lot of unnecessary energy in an attempt to keep up with the fluctuating changes in the air.

Replace Your Bad Insulation With Top-Quality Spray Foam!

Are you experiencing any of these common problems? It could be time to replace your old insulation. But rather than going with the cheaply-made traditional stuff, you could have a much better experience with spray foam insulation. Spray foam expands to eliminate gaps, and it has a higher R-value for keeping your desired temperatures. Plus, it has a much longer lifespan than older types of insulation. But where can you get top-grade spray foam insulation in Tampa?

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