4 Ways Spray Foam Can Help During Hurricane Season

Do you know if your Florida home is truly secure in the event of a hurricane? You might want to put insulation quality on your preparation checklist. Believe it or not, the type of insulation you use can have a great effect on your building’s security and overall integrity. Today, the experts at Foam Bear Tampa will be showing you how spray foam insulation can help during a hurricane.

1. Spray Foam Can Help Prevent Roofs From Lifting

You’ve probably seen all kinds of scary videos of homes and other buildings getting their roofing completely torn off. Even a partial loss can compromise your home or commercial building by a great deal, inviting other elements inside and causing more damage. Unfortunately, this is fairly common in Florida where hurricanes are frequent.

The reason why roofing gets ripped off of buildings is because high winds find their way underneath it through exposed and sizable gaps. Spray foam expands to fill in these gaps, thus decreasing the chances of wind entering the roof and prying it off.

2. Spray Foam Adds Support To A Building’s Structural Integrity

Because spray foam expands, it provides more material to the building’s structure and helps strengthen its integrity. Closed-cell spray foam is especially helpful in this regard because the compound is much more dense than your ordinary insulation. Enhancing the strength of your property can help keep it from budging in the face of high winds and downpours.

3. Spray Foam Can Repel Moisture From Rain

Even if your property survives a hurricane, you may need to look out for post-hurricane dangers in the aftermath. Depending on the severity of the rain and moisture, mold can grow soon after exposure to water and introduce an entirely new set of dangers like rotting walls and health risks. There are few types of insulation that are capable of fighting off moisture, but spray foam is perhaps the most ideal because of its chemical makeup. Both types of spray foam are adequate at repelling moisture, but again, the density of closed-cell spray foam is tight-knit enough to keep moisture from passing through for passable water resistance.

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4. Spray Foam Assists With Maintaining Energy Efficiency

Most buildings tend to use up a lot of power to stay active during a hurricane, and that can lead to higher electric bills. Maintaining power can be crucial for survival, especially during a hurricane. Spray foam can help you keep the building running with greater energy efficiency so you can cut costs. This type of insulation accomplishes this by providing an air-tight seal, but also by having a higher R-value which shows its efficiency as an insulator. Loved-cell spray foam in particular has an R-value of 7 which is much higher than traditional forms of insulation.

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