Is Spray Foam the Best Insulation in Florida?

There are many types of insulation, and every region requires a specific kind that’s effective for the local weather and other environmental conditions. If that’s the case, then what’s the best kind of insulation for those living in Florida? Foam Bear Tampa is here to teach you why spray foam insulation is the best choice for Florida homes and establishments.

Seek Refuge from Hot and Humid Florida Weather

We don’t need to tell you that typical Florida weather is mostly hot and humid. But what does that mean for your home? For one, hot air can make its way into the building through gaps and cracks due to poor insulation. Not only does that mean a warm indoor temperature regardless of how hard your AC is working, but moisture is typically carried through hot air which can lead to mold. Closed-cell spray foam has a high R-value meaning that it’s a great insulator. Open-cell spray foam technically has a lower R-value than closed-cell foam, but it can expand wider which still makes it an excellent choice for sealing gaps.

Protect Your Home from Hurricane-Induced Moisture

Moisture can also be introduced into homes during hurricanes where water is thrown left and right. The presence of cold water can affect your indoor temperature as well as start the mold-growing process. Before the next hurricane season hits Florida, consider having closed-cell spray foam installed as it won’t absorb moisture making it nearly resistant to water, unlike fiberglass insulation which absorbs and holds moisture for practically guaranteed mold.

Maintain the Structural Integrity of Your Florida Home

Buildings aren’t indestructible, no matter how well they’re built. Frequent hurricanes and storms can wear down your property’s structural integrity due to high winds pushing against the walls and large amounts of moisture breaking down the wood. Spray foam insulation can add strength to your walls thus beefing up your home or establishment’s structural layout. You won’t get the same level of support from other types of insulation.

Combat High Energy Usage

States that see more hot months than average, such as Florida, are more likely to consume more energy than the typical American home just from their air conditioning alone. This is especially the case when the AC is unable to keep up with the displacement between hot and cool air within the building due to poor insulation. Sealing up your walls with spray foam insulation will ensure minimal gaps (if any at all) so that your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to kick on more times than it needs to, thus leading to a lower electric bill. The great thing about lowering your monthly energy costs is that your savings will end up paying off the cost of your insulation over time!

Get Spray Foam Insulation from Foam Bear Tampa!

Spray foam insulation is hands down the best type of insulation that you can get to combat the effects of Florida weather. For the highest-quality spray foam with the best installation near you, call the experts at Foam Bear Tampa at (727) 580-1090 for a free estimate!