The Different Types Of Home Insulation, Compared

Choosing the best type of insulation for your home isn’t the easiest task, especially with so many compounds and styles currently available. Each supplier will hype up the “benefits” of their product for the sake of sales so it’s hard to find a definitive answer, but we’re here to help put an end to your search and start insulating your home for a comfortable living space. Learn more about the different types of insulation before calling the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando for top-grade insulation at competitive prices!

Qualities To Look For When Choosing Home Insulation

Good insulation should keep your indoor temperatures where you want them: Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But that’s not all insulation does for your home. Good insulation should be able to keep dust, pollen, allergens, bugs, and pests out of the house as well. This may seem like a tall task, but it shouldn’t be a problem with the right kind of home insulation.

An Overview Of Different Insulation Types

Most homes already come with insulation built in when you buy it, but who knows what kind of compounds are lying within your attic and crawl spaces? Depending on the type of insulation and how it was installed, you might want to consider switching to a new product entirely. To help your decision, it’s best to learn about your options.


Fiberglass sheets (also referred to as rolled batt) are the standard in many traditional homes. It’s cheap and easy to install, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Many contractors use it to make their jobs easier and save money, but fiberglass often leaves gaps for air to travel through which makes it a poor insulator.


Cellulose is made up of loose recycled paper. As you can imagine, this isn’t the best choice for insulating your home because it leaves behind countless gaps and the thin pieces of paper make for an inadequate barrier.

Mineral Wool

Like fiberglass, mineral wool insulation also comes in rolled sheets. But that’s precisely where it lacks in quality. Although more expensive than fiberglass, this type of insulation also suffers from leaving behind gaps and cracks since it cannot provide a tight seal.


Reflective insulation consists of aluminum foil with the idea of directing sunlight away from the home. While this may sound smart in theory, it comes with many disadvantages. It will still need additional compounds to keep in the warmth during the winter, and it can pose a safety hazard as it can conduct electricity.

Spray Foam

When compared to traditional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose, spray foam insulation only has incredible benefits to offer. It has a higher R-value for regulating indoor temperatures, it provides a tight seal for preventing air leakage, and it’s relatively safe to use in any house. This makes it the best choice for home insulation with zero drawbacks.

Where To Get Top-Grade Spray Foam In Orlando

Foam Bear Orlando carries top-quality spray foam insulation handled by industry experts with many years of experience in the industry. We’ll make sure that your home becomes the most comfortable living space no matter the time of year! Just call our team of professionals at (727) 580-1090 for more information about our products and to receive a free quote on your next installation!