Common DIY Spray Foam Mistakes To Avoid

The idea of spray foam as a better insulator is becoming increasingly popular by the day which is causing many property owners to try their hand at installing it themselves. Since it’s just a foam that you spray onto the area you want to insulate, it should be pretty easy, right? Before you get started, the professionals at Foam Bear Orlando want to warn you of common mistakes to avoid and why might be better to call a spray foam company to do it for you.

The Most Common Mistakes

Too many people believe that they can just buy a spray foam kit and spray away. This is a fast way to waste your money because it actually takes some prep work, a decent amount of knowledge, and the right techniques to really get the most benefit out of your spray foam insulation. That being said, plenty of people have made the same crucial mistakes when applying their spray foam:

  • Applying spray foam that is too hot or too cold won’t settle properly, thus affecting its structural integrity and effectiveness.
  • Failing to keep the atmospheric temperature in mind can prevent your spray foam from curing the right way and making it brittle.
  • Spraying on the foam too fast can cause it to not achieve the thickness that it’s supposed to rise to.
  • Spraying too much foam will make it difficult or impossible to cure properly.
  • Going too cheap on the product will end up in overall poor insulation which will defeat the purpose of switching to spray foam in the first place.
  • Ignoring your spray nozzle can lead to an inconsistent application process leading to uneven layers of coating.

Reasons Why People DIY Their Spray Foam

With so many things that can go wrong, why would anyone want to choose to do it themselves? Most of the time, people choose to DIY their spray foam insulation solely to skip the cost of labor and they think that it’s easy enough to wing it. However, going this route will prove to bite you later by presenting you with additional costs that could have been avoided by calling a qualified professional from the get-go.

Why It’s Better To Call A Professional

If your DIY spray foam ends up in poor insulation quality, it will end up costing you much more to fix it later on through maintenance and repairs, or simply the cost of having it completely redone from scratch. It can take years of education and training to effectively apply spray foam for maximum efficiency, and that’s not something that can be achieved overnight after watching some online videos. The bright side is that hiring a professional might not be as costly as you might think as long as you know where to look!

The Benefits of Spray Foam (When Done Right)

● Fewer drafts that can overwork your air conditioner

● Reduced moisture which can build up and affect the structural integrity of the building and induce mold growth

● Lower energy bills from reduced HVAC usage

● Fewer bugs and other pests that could slip through the cracks in poor insulation

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