Can My HVAC Be Failing Because Of Poor Insulation?

Nothing is worse than investing in a brand-new air conditioning unit just to have the same problems as before. If you’re wondering why your efforts are going to waste, you might want to look into the quality of your insulation. Poor insulation affecting an HVAC system’s performance is a common issue, but not one that many homeowners know about. Thankfully, your friendly team at Foam Bear Orlando is here to show you the way to maximum energy efficiency!

Your Air Conditioner Could Be At Risk

If you just bought a new AC unit and you’re still having issues keeping your house cool during the grueling Florida summers, you’re probably thinking that your HVAC company jipped you. Before you go calling for a refund, you should know that it’s probably not your air conditioner, but your insulation.

Where Is My Cold Air Going?

An air conditioner’s sole purpose is to produce cold air when it gets too hot. It’s entirely possible for your AC to do its job wonderfully, only to have its hard work go to waste next to poor insulation. This is because bad or outdated insulation can open up gaps in your walls and ceiling, leaving just enough space for your conditioned air to escape. This is especially common with old fiberglass insulation or cellulose that has settled over time. Your insulation needs to have effective air-sealing properties for your air conditioner to provide the results you want.

Can Poor Insulation Break My New Air Conditioner?

Unfortunately, bad insulation can absolutely wear out your fancy new air conditioner. If conditioned air is escaping through your insulation, your AC unit will activate more times throughout the day to try and catch up or overcompensate. The more times your AC kicks on, the faster you’re wearing it out. The lifespan of your brand-new HVAC system can easily diminish by a few years the longer you hang on to your bad insulation.

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Need New Insulation? Spray Foam Is Your Best Bet

What is it about spray foam that makes it the perfect pair for air conditioning? The most important trait is its air-sealing capabilities by expanding upon application. By eliminating any chances for conditioned air to escape, your home will contain any cool air and keep the environment at your ideal temperature for much longer. In turn, your AC will activate fewer times throughout the day which can preserve its intended lifespan.

The sealing qualities of spray foam come with additional benefits:

  • Cleaner indoor air quality
  • Reduced chances of moisture damage
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Less pest activity
  • Dampened outdoor noises

Perhaps the biggest takeaway is the decreased energy bills. By helping your air conditioner work at optimal capacity, you will save money from reduced energy usage!

Tips For Keeping An Eye On Your HVAC System

The best thing you can do for your home is upgrade its insulation. The next best thing you can do is prevent damage and repairs with regular inspections for both your AC unit and your insulation.

If you currently have fiberglass, you’ll notice a drastic difference after switching to spray foam. Have your local professionals check for air leaks beforehand to ensure that your home won’t lose any conditioned air. After that, treat your AC unit with care by staying on top of needed maintenance and repairs. Spray foam can typically stay at its peak for decades without maintenance, but an inspection every couple of years won’t hurt.

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Protect Your HVAC With Premium Spray Foam Insulation

Get the most out of your AC unit by upgrading your insulation to ensure peak efficiency. If funds are tight after buying your new AC, Foam Bear Orlando is here to help you out with flexible financing options for your new spray foam insulation! Give us a call at (727) 580-1090 to get started on a free estimate.