Can Termites Eat Through Spray Foam?

You’ve likely heard many stories about homeowners dealing with termite worms after installing spray foam insulation. It seems to be a common enough occurrence that many people tend to draw misconceptions about the material attracting these bugs and leading them inside the home. However, proper research will show you that it’s not the insulation itself at fault, but rather the lack of preparations when getting it installed. The professionals at Foam Bear Tampa will teach you the truth about whether termites can eat through spray foam.

The Attraction Of Spray Foam To Termites (There Are None)

People often believe that spray foam insulation acts as a substantial source of food for termites, with the giant wall basically being an endless supply to these bugs. In truth, spray foam doesn’t actually offer any nutrition at all. There is nothing about the material that would draw them in, and there is nothing for them to gain. So then why are there so many claims about termite infestations after spray foam installation? This is because termites can still technically burrow through the foam, but they will only do so if given a reason. The trick is knowing how to properly prepare for your spray foam installation so that this doesn’t occur.

Keeping Your Home Termite-Free

One of the main mistakes that people make when installing spray foam is that they don’t check for termites first. They’ll apply the foam over the area where the existing termites are living, and when the termites burrow through to escape, it creates the misconception that the bugs are drawn to the substance. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to prevent this.

Proper Spray Foam Installation

An expert in spray foam will know how to install the insulation in a way that would allow bug control professionals to effectively inspect the area for termites and treat the problem accordingly. With an improper spray foam application, there is no way for these termite experts to thoroughly inspect your home and take the necessary measures. Poor insulation can cause other problems around the house as well which makes hiring a professional even more crucial.

Top-Grade Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam can come in two different kinds: open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell foam is commonly used to cover wide areas since it has a greater expansion radius while still providing adequate protection. If you’re worried about termites, try asking your local spray foam professional about using denser closed-cell foam in spots where termites might be so that they have a harder time burrowing through your insulation.

Other Pest Control Methods

When it comes to termites, it also helps to prepare your home in other ways. For instance, pay attention to the type of wood that your home is made of and if you could benefit from adding sealant to some spots. There are also some pesticides that you can place in areas that termites are known for occupying, or you can block them out with metal panels.

Handle Termites With Expert Spray Foam Installation!

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