Spray Foam vs Cellulose Insulation

Spray foam and cellulose insulation may appear identical on the surface, but there’s much more to consider when it comes to the effectiveness of each. Nowadays, there’s a reason why people are talking about spray foam more often than cellulose, and the Foam Bear Orlando team is here to bring you all the details.

Which Has the Higher R-Value?

Since the processes between spray foam and cellulose insulation seem similar, you may not be able to guess that one has a higher R-value than the other. The R-value is what determines the heat-absorption properties of insulation, which is basically the point of insulation in the first place. In that case, you’ll want to go with whichever option has the higher R-value and that would be spray foam insulation. The transfer of outside heat into your home can be done in a few different ways, and spray foam accounts for every way possible with its impeccable thermal resistance. Meanwhile, it would require an extra layer of cellulose to match the quality of spray foam and that will only take up more space plus the higher cost for additional materials.

Less Damage to Your Home

A major downside to cellulose insulation is that it’s more practical for buildings that are currently under construction. For homes that are already built, installing cellulose insulation would require your contractor to drill holes in your wall in order to get to the areas where it’s most effective. On the other hand, spray foam can easily be applied wherever it’s needed without having to compromise the structure of your walls. It also provides a better seal since open-cell foam can expand into tight spots that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Better Structural Integrity

Spray foam insulation is designed to work as a single entity for the most durable and structurally-sound protection. Cellulose insulation, however, is made up of various compounds that don’t always hold together, especially over time. Pieces of cellulose will eventually begin to break off, and the application as a whole becomes much less effective since gaps are formed this way. When it comes to insulation, even the smallest gaps and cracks can render the entire application useless since it doesn’t take much for air and moisture to come through. For the best possible durability, closed-cell insulation is definitely the way to go.

Soundproof Capability

Some people may argue that cellulose insulation is more soundproof than spray foam. However, the expansive nature of open-cell spray foam insulation is more than capable of blocking outside noises from traveling inside your home. By expanding up to three times its size, open-cell foam is able to absorb and trap incoming sound waves so you can experience peace and quiet. Considering this alongside all of the other benefits that spray foam has to offer, there is a clear winner in our book.

Get Spray Foam Insulation in Orlando!

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