What Happens to Old Insulation When New Foam Insulation Is Installed?

When you get spray foam insulation installed, what happens to your old fiberglass insulation? You can approach this one of two ways. It is entirely possible to have spray foam applied over your old insulation, or you can have your old insulation removed altogether. Regardless of what you decide to do, Foam Bear Orlando will teach you what happens to your old insulation when new foam insulation is installed.

Installing Spray Foam Over Fiberglass Insulation

Because of the time and money that it takes to remove old insulation, many people who hear about the benefits of spray foam will have it installed on top of their old fiberglass. While this is technically possible, it’s not recommended, since the two types of insulation don’t work well with each other in more ways than one.

The Formation of Moisture In Your Walls

The temperature at which the transition from cold to hot weather causes moisture to form in the air is referred to as the “dew point.” Most fiberglass insulation does not insulate well at the dew point, which typically happens in the early morning, and that leads to moisture becoming trapped between the layers of fiberglass and spray foam insulation. Not only does this quickly degrade your newly-applied spray foam, but it can also encourage the growth of mold, which can pollute the inside of your home.

The Integrity of Spray Foam on Top of Fiberglass

Spray foam is not designed to stick to fiberglass, so your fancy new insulation could fall apart sooner rather than later when applied over old, existing insulation. When this happens, the cost of repairs and replacement will end up costing you more than if you were to remove your old insulation first.

Why It’s Better to Remove Fiberglass Insulation

Considering what happens when you apply spray foam on top of fiberglass, it’s better to completely remove your old insulation first in order to prevent moisture from forming and to make sure your spray foam is structurally sound. Getting rid of your fiberglass insulation and making the switch to spray foam will also help make the outdated material obsolete, which will help the environment. The energy that is used to frequently recycle old fiberglass into new sheets is incredibly wasteful and the process is also dangerous to all of those who are involved.

Foam Bear Orlando Will Remove Your Old Insulation!

To help you be free of the detriments that come with fiberglass insulation, Foam Bear Orlando offers removal services at an affordable price. Our skilled experts are well-trained in the most efficient and safest way to remove fiberglass insulation, so you don’t need to tackle the job on your own. We use a 23-horsepower vacuum to ensure that every little piece is clear of the area to make room for the best spray foam application. We will properly dispose of any insulation, mold, pests, and anything else that poses a hazard to your home so you can relax in a safe environment without needing to lift a finger. Call us today at (727) 580-1090 to get started with a free quote!