What Causes Condensation on The Inside Walls of My Home?

The presence of condensation in your home is an understandable fear since it can weaken the structure of your house while inviting hazardous mold. But what causes condensation to happen within your walls, and what can you do to prevent it? Learn more about the signs and causes of condensation in your home before calling up the professionals at Foam Bear Tampa!

Signs of Condensation in Your Home

How do you know when condensation has made its way into your home? If you carefully inspect your walls, you may notice some bubbles forming underneath the paint job. This occurrence is more common in the corners of the room where your walls may not be properly sealed with insulation. Mildew spores can also begin to show closer to the floor if condensation has been infecting your home long enough to induce mold. As you may know, mold is no trivial matter. It can spread and pollute the air you breathe which can lead to terrible illnesses that can be difficult to treat. Plus, it would cost a great deal of money to call in professionals to completely remove the danger while you evacuate and find a temporary place to stay.

How Condensation Forms On Your Walls

How does condensation happen in your home in the first place? This is entirely due to significant temperature differences between the outside and inside environments. For instance, if it’s near freezing outside but you have the heater on full blast in the house, you have a recipe for moisture. But how does that moisture form in your walls? Poor insulation is usually the cause, especially if you have traditional fiberglass insulation. Oftentimes fiberglass is poorly installed which leaves many gaps exposed for air to find its way through, and moisture is carried in that air. Condensation is found between your walls and insulation because that is the point of contention when air leaks inside your home.

Preventing Condensation with Spray Foam

The harm that condensation can do to your home doesn’t need to be at the forefront of your mind. You can rest in your own house stress-free by replacing your old fiberglass insulation with modern spray foam insulation. Spray foam comes in two types: Closed-cell and open-cell. Closed-cell foam has a higher density to prevent anything from getting through. Open-cell foam expands up to three times its size which makes it ideal for providing an air-tight seal to combat larger gaps. Another reason to switch to spray foam is the fact that it can last 80-100 years while fiberglass needs to be replaced every 15-20 years on top of not offering 100% protection for your home.

The Best Spray Foam Company in Tampa

For the best spray foam insulation in the area, Foam Bear Tampa has everything you need for an air-tight home free of condensation. We provide top-quality spray foam insulation paired with expert installation so you can relax at home worry-free. Call us today at (727) 580-1090 for more information and to receive a free estimate!