Open-Cell vs. Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

You may have heard about all of the wonderful benefits that come with spray foam insulation over traditional fiberglass sheets. Upon further research, you’ll learn that spray foam is classified as either open-cell or closed-cell. What does that mean, and which one is better for you and your home? The experts at Foam Bear Orlando will clear things up to help you better understand the difference.

The Flexibility of Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open-cell foam gets its name from being made up of cells that are more expansive in terms of available space. This consistency makes it softer and more flexible which is easier to manipulate during the application process. Since open-cell foam can expand by up to 3 inches, it’s the more ideal option for blocking off hard to reach areas like corners or small nooks and crannies. It’s most effective for indoor use as the composition is optimal for soundproofing purposes and preventing drafts from the outside.

Direct benefits of open-cell spray foam insulation include:

  • Traps soundwaves from outside noises
  • Provides an air-tight seal for a more efficient HVAC
  • Is more affordable than closed-cell spray foam
  • Is ideal for hard-to-reach areas

The Density of Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

As you can probably guess, closed-cell spray foam insulation consists of cells that are more compact and pressed together. This provides an effective barrier against the elements such as moisture, heat, and air. It has a higher R-value which is the term used for heat resistance or insulation value. It only expands by up to 1” but is able to prevent mold from forming or floods from happening since it has moisture-resistant properties. Additionally, closed-cell foam can add more strength to your home’s overall structural integrity. Because of its usefulness in many aspects, this type of foam is effective for both outdoor and indoor use.

Direct benefits of closed-cell spray foam insulation include:

  • Blocks out intense heat waves
  • Repels water and moisture that’s carried through the air
  • Improves your home’s structural integrity
  • Prevents the growth of harmful mold

Which Type of Spray Foam Insulation Is Better?

Between closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation, one option isn’t necessarily better than the other. Each has its own designated uses, and chances are you’ll need to utilize both if you want the best experience with spray foam insulation. Open-cell spray foam should be used for most of the indoor use since it can cover more area and get into hard-to-reach places. Closed-cell foam, on the other hand, can be used for targeted trouble areas that are more prone to exposure to natural elements. Seeking professional assistance from a qualified contractor is the best course of action if you plan on replacing your old insulation with a brand-new application of spray foam.

The Best Spray Foam Insulation in Orlando!

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