Top Benefits of Removing Old Attic Insulation

Even if you don’t directly feel the effects, keeping your home’s old attic insulation can be more harmful than you think. Bacteria can spread, your walls can wear down, and you could find unwanted guests in your safe space. Find out how removing the outdated insulation in your attic and replacing it with fresh spray foam insulation from Foam Bear Orlando can benefit your home in all kinds of ways.

Stops the Spread of Bacteria

If your home has older insulation, chances are it’s made of traditional fiberglass sheets. If this is the case, then your attic may not be completely sealed off from the outside environment. Even the smallest gaps in the walls can be large enough to invite bugs and rodents inside which are all prone to carrying bacteria and diseases into your home. These critters can leave behind debris and infest your space by merely existing in your attic which can spread to various rooms through the air. You can easily avoid this from happening by removing your ineffective insulation and opting for spray foam insulation.

Helps Your Home’s Internal Structure

Gaps in your walls due to compromised insulation can also bring in elements such as intense heat and humid moisture. Heat and moisture are both key components in the deterioration of wood. The wooden structures holding your walls up can break down and rot before it becomes a deadly hazard which can also cost you a grip in repairs. If the insulation in your attic is letting in elements that could damage your home’s structure, getting it replaced with spray foam insulation can stop the process in its tracks before it’s too late.

Improves Air Quality

The still air in your attic can collect much of the bacteria that can form inside and make its way into the rest of your home. Mold that can grow from the moisture in old insulation, dust mites that gather from an untouched environment, and any other dangers that make their way through the cracks from outside can infest the air and damage your lungs. It’s even possible to not know what’s causing your illness if you don’t keep your attic’s insulation in mind. But now you know that removing your attic’s old insulation can protect your health and well-being!

Enhances the Resale Value

Anyone who understands the importance of quality insulation and all of the benefits that follow will gladly pay a premium to have the job already done for them. For this reason, you can easily justify raising the price of your property listing should you ever plan on selling your home in the future as long as you remove your outdated insulation in favor of a fresh installment of spray foam insulation. You get more money AND the buyer saves money, it’s literally a win-win situation!

Let Foam Bear Orlando Remove Your Old Attic Insulation!

The experts at Foam Bear Orlando are the best at installing spray foam insulation, but we also do an incredible job of removing old insulation so you can have a fresh start with a clean and protected home. Give us a call for a free estimate!