Here’s How Spray Foam Insulation Can Cut Down Your Utility Bills

Have you ever wondered why your electric bill is so high even when you make an effort to limit your AC usage? Your air conditioner could be overworking itself without you knowing, and that’s typically the number one cause of high energy costs. At Foam Bear Tampa, we’ll show you how spray foam insulation can cut down your utility bills.

Your AC Unit Will Thank You

What causes your HVAC to work harder than it needs to? If there are any gaps, cracks, or holes in your home’s structure leading to the outside, your ecosystem may be compromised. Even the smallest, tiniest crack can leave enough room for the cool air inside to escape and be replaced by warm air from the outside. The reverse can be said for the winter months. Since the point of your air conditioner is to maintain a certain temperature inside the house, these situations can cause your AC to struggle in keeping up with the changes. Having a proper seal all around your home will allow your AC unit to run at max efficiency thus saving power.

Tallying Up the Savings

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can save as much as 20% on your utility bill by having adequate insulation throughout your home. This is because over half of an average home’s energy usage is spent on maintaining a comfortable temperature. For example, a bill that would come out to $300 with poor insulation could be cut down to $240 with air-tight insulation. That’s a noticeable savings of $720 a year!

Best Practices for Spray Foam Insulation

How do you know if your home’s insulation is installed correctly enough to save you money? Spray foam insulation is recommended for the job since it’s versatile enough to effortlessly fit into tight spaces and it expands to fill in gaps of practically any size. Areas of the home that typically require special attention involve the:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Attic
  • Roof deck

As you may have noticed, areas of the home that are towards the top take priority when it comes to insulation. This is because natural elements have a more prominent presence the higher up you go. For instance, you will likely experience more intense winds while on the roof as opposed to being low to the ground. That’s why it’s important to make sure your attic is completely sealed even if you haven’t used the room in ages.

Cut Down Your Utility Bills with Foam Bear Tampa!

For the best air-tight insulation, spray foam is the way to go. Foam Bear Tampa offers the best spray foam insulation in the area with the highest quality of both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam. Our licensed contractors will be able to equip you with the type of foam you need for the most energy-efficient home that’ll last you for as long as 80 years with little to no maintenance. Contact us today for a free quote and start saving money on your utility bill!