Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit with Spray Foam

When the home doesn’t allow adequate space for your seldomly-used valuables, storage units are a valid option for keeping your possessions out of sight but still within reach. But is it safe? The small structure in your backyard is meant to hold your items, but everything inside could still be susceptible to damage. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa are here to teach you how to prevent moisture from infiltrating your storage unit by securing it with spray foam insulation.

What’s In Your Storage Unit?

Everyone lives different lives, and that means everyone’s storage unit is going to look vastly different with entirely unique items. But no matter what, there are some necessities that are commonly found in most units such as:

  • Paper goods like books, important documents, or artwork
  • Electronics having to do with entertainment or general home use
  • Cloth-based items such as apparel and certain furniture
  • Wooden products like most furniture and tools with wood handles

How Moisture Can Damage Storage Items

We need water to survive, but at the same time it can cause the destruction of many other things. Moisture that lingers in the air can hold enough water to cause such damage if susceptible items are left exposed for too long.

Anything paper-related is highly prone to water damage as it can easily tear or disintegrate. As far as books and documents, text can smear and become illegible when wet. Moisture can infiltrate electronics and short out the intricate circuitry inside. When this happens, the device or appliance becomes unusable and can even pose a fire hazard. Clothing in combination with moisture when left unattended for too long can create an ecosystem for hazardous bacteria. Lastly, water can soak into the wood and weaken it before it rots completely.

Can Spray Foam Insulation Repel Moisture?

Your valuables are important to you, which is why you feel the need to keep them stored away in a storage unit rather than simply tossing them aside. In that case, it’s natural to worry about moisture damaging your precious items. That’s where spray foam insulation comes in.

An Air-Tight Environment

Spray foam insulation expands when applied, leaving behind a completely air-tight seal. Since water is carried through the air, this seal makes it so moisture can’t get in. And since spray foam is easier to manipulate than fiberglass panels, a 100% complete seal is practically guaranteed as long as it’s installed by a professional since it can get into corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

Long-Lasting Protection

So, spray foam insulation is an excellent way to protect the items in your storage unit, but how often does it need to be reapplied? After installing spray foam insulation once, that same application can last over 80 years if done properly. So not only does spray foam shield your goods from the outside elements, but it requires little to no maintenance once installed.

Get Professional Spray Foam Installation in Tampa!

Protecting your storage unit and everything inside is as simple as calling Foam Bear Tampa! Our skilled contractors can give your unit a truly air-tight seal, so you never have to worry about moisture damaging your valuables. Contact us today for a free estimate!