Why Install Spray Foam in a Commercial Building?

If you own a business, you should understand the importance of proper insulation. It can keep both your customers and employees feeling safe and comfortable while helping you avoid unpleasant situations that could hurt your reputation. The experts at Foam Bear Tampa will show you all the different ways spray foam insulation can protect and reinforce your commercial building.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Spray foam insulation is great for getting into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies for a true air-tight seal. By blocking off every possible gap for air to enter or escape, you can better regulate the temperature of your commercial building. Both your customers and your employees will treat your business as a safe haven during times of extreme temperatures.

Secure Your Reputation by Avoiding Mold

When air leaks inside, so can moisture. Frequent, unattended moisture buildup can turn into a biohazard leading to mold. Once a business needs to be closed down for mold removal, word can spread around and hurt any traffic you had before the incident. Spray foam insulation keeps both air and moisture from entering your commercial building.

Keep Bugs and Rodents Out of Your Restaurant

Bugs and rodents usually make their way into buildings through cracks and crevices that you may not have noticed before. For obvious reasons, customers are immediately put off from a restaurant (or any business for that matter) the moment they witness an unwelcome pest. They will likely warn their friends of the contamination and avoid coming back for a long while, if ever. Spray foam insulation effortlessly makes its way into even the smallest cracks which makes it an excellent barrier against pests.

Protect Your Customer’s Health

Many individuals are susceptible to various allergies and it’s best to keep that in mind when running any sort of business. When people enter an establishment, the last thing they want is to be assaulted with endless sneezes the entire time. You can create a comfortable, allergen-free environment by using spray foam insulation to seal off all entryways for dust, pollen, and other allergens to find their way in.

Promote a Peaceful Atmosphere

A business can seem too hectic if there is too much noise polluting the environment. This is especially troublesome for industries that benefit from more quiet atmospheres such as libraries, museums, or doctor’s offices. Just like with air and moisture, sound waves can infiltrate buildings through gaps in the wall. In this case, spray foam acts as a noise-canceling solution for commercial buildings.

Gracefully Pass Your Inspections

Depending on the industry, you will likely have to pass certain routine inspections on your commercial building. These inspections can cover anything including cleanliness, organization, pest and biohazard control, and sometimes air quality. Thankfully, spray foam insulation protects your establishment from many of these detriments to help you pass your inspections with ease.

The Best Spray Foam Insulation in Tampa

Foam Bear Tampa uses top-grade spray foam insulation from Huntsman. We provide both open-cell and closed-cell products to protect your commercial building against any danger. Call us today to hear our pricing!